Class Project

Hey guys our class is doing a project and we have to chose a book that we have read and put that information on to a piece of paper it kind of looks like a brochure but its not we have to do like stuff about one character and write about it

so yeah cya………

What is this?

Hey guys what is this try guess?

did you get it……..

Kiwi Can Assembly

Hey guys

today our school went to the hall for a assembly it was held by Kiwi Can for term 4

then we had certificates to hand out to one person from each class who has been sensible the whole year and has good manners and that good person was lionel from our class and there were many more from other classes

then the teachers sung a song and two childrren sung a song and the two people were kesaia and eddie kesaia sung ehu girl and eddie sung moves like jagger and every body voted for the children

and then it kind of ended so yeah see ya guys later πŸ™‚

Rainbows End

Hey guys on the 23/11/11 i went to Rainbows End it was amazing and for the people that dont know what rainbows end is it is like a cool place where you can go on rides and other kind of stuff like that.

I went on the fear fall the fear fall takes you up like 18 storeys high and then drops it and then slowly lands and there were other scary rides like that but i went on all of the scary rides it was a pretty amazing day cya πŸ™‚

Myth Buster In Progress

Sup guys

We have now begun our myth and it is in good progress it looks cool, their are heaps of bubbles covering the egg like a protective shield as if the egg was something special like a queen or king we did the experiment on two eggs and we are going to see which egg works and which egg doesn’t work so yeahhhhh see ya on the next post πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ !!!!

T-Shirt prints

Hey guys our class and the rest of the year 5 and 6 classes are making their own logo and printing it on a white t-shirt i am doing naruto stuff like a akatsuki cloud and the uchiha sign at the back so yeah see ya.

Task board

Hey this week our taskboard is a myth thing that i mentioned to you on that last post we have 2 read a book for 1 hour and a s.r.a card blog watch which is this and sumdog which is a website to do maths and stuff on bye πŸ™‚

Myth busters

Hey guys this term our topic is myth busters we did a myth and it was that if you shake a can of fizzy and then you tap the top of the can nearly 6 to 7 time when you open the can it will not explode and that is what happen to our group our can did not explode so we thought that in the drink there wasnt enough fizz so next we will try it with a coke can maybe cya…